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creating designs that transcend time

Redefine boundaries

Welcome to Redefinition Clothing - where global influences converge to create a unique fashion experience. Born at the intersection of K-pop's vibrant energy, the rhythmic beats of Hip-hop, the colorful vibes of Afro-pop, the avant-garde aesthetics of Japanese street style, and the pulse of current trends, our brand is a celebration of diverse cultures.

We believe fashion should be a universal languag, and that's why we design clothing that transcends borders. Every stitch tell a story, weaving together the threads of inspiration from around the world. Our pieces are more than garments: they're a fusion of art and personal epression.

Join us on this journey as we redefine streetwear, breaking barriers and embracing the dynamic spirit of global culture. Explore our collections, where each design is a nod of the rich tapestry of creativity, style, and trends that shape our world.

REDEFINITION - Wear the World!

Unleash your urban edge: wear the difference!

  • own the streets

    Reinvent your presence, set the trend, own the streets with our influential street style collection.

Crafting stories through design

  • Design Philosophy

    Authenticity Redefined: Infusing the Essence of the Streets into Every Stitch. Our philosophy revolves around embracing individuality, empowering self-expression, and celebrating the vibrant dynamism of street culture.

  • Materials

    Each creation is meticulously designed with both your satisfaction and the planet in mind. We prioritize the use of ethically sourced, sustainable materials, minimizing our environmental impact. Our commitment to environmentally friendly practices means selecting fabrics that meet stringent eco-conscious standards, ensuring that every garment reflects our dedication to both quality and sustainability.